Xiao Mei Lin Dumplings


About Xiao Mei Lin 

 Xiao Mei Lin means Little Mei Lin, we are the little sister of the famous Chinese restaurant in Annankatu 29, 00100 Helsinki.
On Xiao Mei LIn menu has few elements can be choosed.
- Dim Sum, Dim Sum means “touching your heart”. in Cantonese and refers to how you eat rather than what you eat. 
- Chinese Salad, we use different kind of ingredients to make Chinese style salad, which with varied special tastes.
- Sake Rice Wine, is a Japanese rice wine , is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting rice. In Japan sake it is the national beverage. It is often served with special ceremony.
Warmly welcome to Xiao Mei Lin, here you can get different lovely food. Hope you enjoy beautiful time with us......

"When you drink the water, remember the spring"


Yin Shui Si Yuan  饮水思源